Real Estate – ‘Easy/Exactly Nothing’ Single

Posted on 20/03/2012


‘Easy’ is one of the highlights off of DaysReal Estate‘s totally rad 2011 album, which, in case I haven’t mentioned it, took the top spot on my best of the year list. Good news for me then, because the band just put the song out as a single, backed by ‘Exactly Nothing’, a lovely track that could easily have slotted in with the rest of Days. Typically low-key vocal harmonies, subtle, ride cymbal-heavy drumming, Matt Mondanile’s distinctive, super-melodic guitar playing and a woozy air of nostalgia… Basically, everything you want from a song by this band. Really hoping to hear more from these guys this year, it’s looking like they can do no wrong.

Real Estate – Easy/Exactly Nothing

Download: (Mediafire)

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