OFWGKTA – ‘The OF Tape, Vol. 2’

Posted on 17/03/2012


Yeah, Tyler, The Creator and the majority of his fanbase are beyond irritating and much of what initially seemed so fresh and interesting about OFWGKTA has basically devolved into little more than an entertaining gimmick, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious as to what this, the second OF tape, would sound like. I’ve only actually heard ‘Rella’ and Mike G’s ‘Forest Green’ at the time of writing (sadly, I’m not as excited about this as I would’ve been a while ago), but, well, a lot of people desperately want to hear this so I’m just doing my part. Anything Odd Future does is inevitably bound to cause a reaction, but if you’re offended by what they do at this point you have a lot of catching up to do. I’d be considerably more psyched about this if Earl Sweatshirt was on it but whatever, download it because you know you want to.

Edit: Woops, turns out Earl actually IS on this shit… radical.

OFWGKTA The OF Tape, Vol. 2

Download: (Mediafire)

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