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ANNOUNCEMENT: Everything is Gone

January 24, 2012


Yep, Mediafire went ahead and deleted every single file we’ve ever uploaded… I assume they had one complaint too many or something. So yeah, if you try to access one of our Mediafire links, all you’re going to get is the dreaded “Invalid or Deleted File” page. In case you somehow haven’t already realised this, […]

Torche – ‘Pow Wow/80s Prom Song’

January 23, 2012


Decibel magazine is the best metal/extreme music publication there is; Torche is one of the best bands in existence (regardless of genre). So yeah, it doesn’t get much radder than a combination of the two, the result of which is available as part of Decibel’s esteemed and consistently excellent 7″ flexi-disc series, which is, unfortunately, […]

Walls – ‘Into Our Midst’ (Single)

January 21, 2012


I’ve got exams coming up next week so, unfortunately, I’ve had a fair bit of studying to do. My learning process is rarely helped by a bunch of noisy dudes shouting over distorted guitars and such, so instead I’ve turned to UK-based ambient duo Walls to soundtrack the lame amount of work I have. How convenient it is, […]

Blazo – ‘Reflections’

January 20, 2012


Mysterious Polish Jazz-Hop producer Blazo  just dropped his new album today titled ‘Reflections’, and without my man Zac (HipHopkins) blogging anymore, I feel like it’s my duty to hook y’all up with this.  For all of you who haven’t heard of Blazo, he is super dope.  It’s obvious to everyone Blazo is Nujabes inspired (having said […]

Disclosure – ‘Tenderly/Flow’

January 19, 2012


Garage is something we rarely cover here, if at all, but, well, we’ve nabbed brotherly UK duo Disclosure‘s upcoming single for ya and if you don’t consider this worth your time, you probably don’t like music. We’re just over halfway through January so it’s not saying very much at all, but these songs are the best […]

Surrender – ‘One Day’

January 18, 2012


I’m sorta catching up with all the submissions as of late, and sorting through them so far has been absolutely fantastic, given that i’ve found some incredibly radical stuff.  My latest find is Australia’s Surrender.  Playing a blend of melodic hardcore and punk, this shit makes me want to throw down, even though i’ve never been in […]

Nemesis – ‘Dou-Koku’

January 17, 2012


Japan has a ton of awesome bands (Envy? Melt-Banana? Boris?) and it just got significantly more radical with the emergence of the teenage maniacs that make up Nemesis, whose four track Dou-Koku EP WILL destroy you. This came out last year and I reaaaally wish I’d picked up on it then, because this shit kills. Blistering, balls […]