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Pianos Become The Teeth – ‘The Lack Long After’

October 30, 2011

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It’s finally out.  Easily my most anticipated release of the year.  After listening to ‘Spine’, no doubt this record is going to slay.  I’m posting first, listening after, so you’re welcome for sacrificing time that I could be listening to this record, in order to post this shit for you.  This is too fucking exciting, […]

Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles – ‘Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers’

October 30, 2011


When I first came across this I assumed it was going to be terrible.  I’m really not a Beatles fan, and I didn’t expect these two bands to gel at all when mashed-up together.  On top of this, I didn’t expect anything to come even close to competing with Wugazi.  I was in for a […]

Child Meadow – ‘Crispy BBQ Tofu Burger’

October 29, 2011


Child Meadow are a 2-piece punk/screamo band from France.  I guess the best way to describe them is to say they’re like a heavier Baton Rouge, but I don’t think that’s really fair.  For being only 2 people, Child Meadow create a surprisingly full sound.  On this basis, i’d definitely compare them to The Clippers, […]

WU LYF – ‘Brooklyn Girls’ [Live]

October 27, 2011


Enigmatic Mancunian weirdos WU LYF have put out one of my favourite albums of the year thus far in the form of Go Tell Fire to the Mountain, so, obviously, I’ve been on the lookout for any and all new material. The closest we’ve gotten to hearing what any subsequent releases will sound like is […]

DJ JD Sports – Collected Tracks

October 26, 2011


So check it out: Archy Marshall, AKA King Krule, formerly known as Zoo Kid, has been putting out a bunch of stuff as DJ JD Sports and, in case you hadn’t assumed as such already, it’s rad stuff. We already know the kid has an absurd amount of talent, but it goes beyond the (amazing) […]

Hammers of Misfortune – ‘17th Street’

October 25, 2011


Progressive rock is universally, unequivocally and objectively known as the least cool genre of music in existence, something which can be hard for the average prog nerd to accept. There was a time when I could stomach hours upon hours of drum solos, guitar wankery, concept albums and ELP worship, but, mercifully, I grew out […]