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April 20, 2012


Way too many of my friends seem to be super excited about 4/20, a fact which I find both pointless and kind of irritating, since it’s not like I can’t smoke weed on any other day of the year; but regardless, because I’m a pretty rad bro, I’ve put together a twenty song mix guaranteed […]

MIXTAPE: Study Tunez

April 7, 2012


The idea for this mixtape came after SC reader Houghty¬†commented on our post on youthful bedroom producer Japanese Wallpaper, asking for similar tunes he could play while studying, and¬†I just finished another round of the seemingly unending onslaught of exams that defines my existence, so I’d say now is as good a time as any […]

MIXTAPE: Stavros Giannopoulos (The Atlas Moth, Twilight)

February 11, 2012


For our first mixtape of 2012, we’ve got a nice lil’ playlist by Stavros Giannopoulos, guitarist and co-vocalist of psychedelic doomsters The Atlas Moth, who put out one of last year’s finest metal records in the form of An Ache For the Distance. Not only that, but the dude is also a member of (unfortunately […]

MIXTAPE: Christmas.

December 22, 2011


As far as I’m concerned, Christmas is the best time of year. There’s not a person alive whose argument can beat gifts, coma-inducing amounts of food and booze and the general fuzzy, cozy feeling I get whenever I see a Christmas tree. So with that in mind, we’ve put together twenty songs to complement this, […]

MIXTAPE: ‘Low For Life’ (An Introduction to Vilecore)

November 26, 2011


“STARING AT YOUR ZITS IN THE MIRROR FOR AN HOUR STRAIGHT AND CRYING WHILE STONE SOBER” There are times in everyone’s existence when work/ your shitty love life/the general tediousness that is the routine has got you down. Food has no taste, you haven’t washed your jeans for weeks and you spend your days staring, […]

Tech Out the Dresser 07: Rn’B Mix 4 Yo Ass

November 2, 2011


Today marks a historic event in TOtD history; today I’m doing something a little bit different, something a bit like what J and D do with their guest mixtapes (and something that will probably get this post even less views than usual!), except that instead of finding a guest to make a mix for me, […]

MIXTAPE: Jon Chang

October 5, 2011


We’re very proud to present to you the latest in our series of mixtapes, one put together by none other than Jon Chang, vocalist on such records as Discordance Axis‘ seminal grindcore masterpiece The Inalienable Dreamless, Gridlink‘s Amber Gray, and, more recently, Orphan, the aforementioned Gridlink’s stunning second release. Basically, you can’t fuck with his […]