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Tech Out the Dresser 12: Post-exam VIBES / R∂D R∂VE SELECTION to blaze, cruise and shake off them blues 2

May 31, 2012


I’m done with exams, and that means I don’t give a shit about anything for the moment except chilling, skating, making tunes, watching TV shows and finding a place to live next year. The end of exams also heralds the start of official laid-back party time, and DUH, you need fat ass tunes for that. […]

Tech Out the Dresser 11: New Khalif Da Menace, New Isaiah & Hovey

January 16, 2012


TOtD is back after a little hiatus over Christmas and the new year with two new joints from a couple of Sunny Cellar’s favourites. I won’t waste time talking about Khalif Da Menace, who made an appearance on TOtD’s best of 2011 list at number two, or Isaiah and Hovey because they’ve both been posted […]

Tech Out the Dresser 10: Best of ’11

December 16, 2011


2011 has been an interesting year for rap; it was the year Odd Future blew up and Tyler, the Creator became annoying, the year Harlem-born-but-not-Harlem-sounding ASAP Rocky signed a massive 3 million dollar deal with Sony and the year that the grinding, dissonant Zach Hill-related Death Grips smashed their way into the rap sphere’s consciousness. […]

Earl Sweatshirt – Unreleased Tracks

November 29, 2011


So after Tyler, The Creator pulled his totally hilarious ‘Earl’s back’ prank last week, there was more than a little excitement about the impending return of Odd Future’s most talented MC. As any OF fan will have realised, Earl Sweatshirt‘s skills are waaay beyond his years, and the kid holds a ridiculous amount of potential. I’m […]

Tech Out the Dresser 08: New Khalif Da Menace, Dreams – ‘Feelings 4 U’

November 16, 2011


Khalif Da Menace, southern rapper out of Warner Robins, GA (and man behind one of my favourite releases of the year in “JUNIOR – the Legend of 8Ball”) just dropped a new track, “No Lights In the Woods”, featuring CB. As its title suggests, “No Lights” is a pretty dark track, built around sinister organ […]

Atlas – ‘Beauty & The Blues’

November 3, 2011


I’m on a slight hip-hop binge at the moment, and i’ve been bumping this shit constantly.  I googled Atlas, but didn’t come up with much.  He’s pretty unknown, although he seems to have garnered a sort of cult following on the net.  From what I gather he’s just one dude, but I could be wrong. […]

DOOM, Thom Yorke, Johnny Greenwood – ‘Retarded Fren’

November 3, 2011


Daniel Dumile aka (MF) DOOM was never one to shy away from high profile collaborations (Madlib, Ghostface Killah, Danger Mouse, etc.), but it doesn’t get more noteworthy than working with Radiohead OGs Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood. I love DOOM, so I checked this out regardless of the fact that I’m not too crazy about […]