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Sex Cult – ‘Errand Boy’ 7″

July 12, 2012


  Despite its radicality, the major pitfall in calling your band Sex Cult is the fact that, regardless of what you do, the music will never, ever top the name. And so it was with a heavy heart that I first started listening to the eponymous track off their Errand Boy 7″, only to be met with […]

The Spread Eagles – Discography

July 7, 2012


So yeah, the stagnation of Sunny Cellars continues. June of 2012 was, since we first started, our first month without a single post to its name :C … This whole blog thing has become quite the strain ever since that Kim Dotcom/Megaupload business went down. Anyway, I can hardly think of a better way to […]

Ceremony – ‘Hysteria’ 7″

February 9, 2012


When Ceremony put out Rohnert Park in 2010, it became abundantly clear that the band had ambition beyond what hardcore could offer them, and it polarised the shit out of fans of their earlier stuff. Yep, musical development, you can hardly expect less from a bunch of punks who love pg.99, Tragedy, Joy Division and Tom Waits […]

Surrender – ‘One Day’

January 18, 2012


I’m sorta catching up with all the submissions as of late, and sorting through them so far has been absolutely fantastic, given that i’ve found some incredibly radical stuff.  My latest find is Australia’s Surrender.  Playing a blend of melodic hardcore and punk, this shit makes me want to throw down, even though i’ve never been in […]

Nemesis – ‘Dou-Koku’

January 17, 2012


Japan has a ton of awesome bands (Envy? Melt-Banana? Boris?) and it just got significantly more radical with the emergence of the teenage maniacs that make up Nemesis, whose four track Dou-Koku EP WILL destroy you. This came out last year and I reaaaally wish I’d picked up on it then, because this shit kills. Blistering, balls […]

At the Drive-In – ‘Vaya’ EP

January 16, 2012


So naturally, everyone’s been getting their panties in a twist this week over At the Drive-In reuniting, and I have to say I’m pretty darn stoked myself; there was a certain point where I, like every cool person, was pretty much obsessed with Relationship of Command and it still stands as one of my favourite albums, […]

Skin Like Iron/Nails – Split EP

January 12, 2012


I’ve been waiting for the internet to unveil this pretty much ever since its existence was announced, and here it is: Nails‘ split with like-minded Californian bruisers Skin Like Iron. As far as I’m concerned, Todd Jones, the mastermind behind Nails, is the best hardcore songwriter of this generation. The guy is responsible for Obscene […]