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The Spread Eagles – Discography

July 7, 2012


So yeah, the stagnation of Sunny Cellars continues. June of 2012 was, since we first started, our first month without a single post to its name :C … This whole blog thing has become quite the strain ever since that Kim Dotcom/Megaupload business went down. Anyway, I can hardly think of a better way to […]

MIXTAPE: ‘Low For Life’ (An Introduction to Vilecore)

November 26, 2011


“STARING AT YOUR ZITS IN THE MIRROR FOR AN HOUR STRAIGHT AND CRYING WHILE STONE SOBER” There are times in everyone’s existence when work/ your shitty love life/the general tediousness that is the routine has got you down. Food has no taste, you haven’t washed your jeans for weeks and you spend your days staring, […]

Fag Cop – ‘Whimpers From the Pantheon’ Side A

November 6, 2011


As I mentioned when we posted (almost all of) jizzwave/shitgaze legends Fag Cop‘s discography, the band was planning on releasing an LP, Whimpers From the PantheonĀ in 2011. Although Side A of that very full-length has been available for listening for while, it was only in the form of one track, with all five of the […]

Fag Cop/Ex-Fag Cop – Discography?

September 19, 2011


I have dedicated the last month or so of my life to one purpose, and one purpose only: tracking down as much of enigmatic US (presumably)-based lo-fi punk monster Fag Cop‘s discography as possible. Unfortunately, I was met with frustration at every turn and, in the end, I’ve only half-succeeded. I’m pretty sure I’ve managed […]