D. Vassalotti – ‘Book of Ghosts’

Posted on 10/08/2012


To say David Vassalotti is prolific would be something of an understatement. Between playing in Cult Ritual (easily one of the best punk/hardcore bands to emerge in the last ten years) or Merchandise (who recently put out one of my favourite records of the year so far), he somehow finds the time to record solo material, and that’s not to mention his membership in the similarly rad groups Dads (the lowlifey slob punk band, not to be confused with the twinkly emo band of the same name) and Neon Blud. Having previously recorded under the un-googleable moniker of ( ), it’s as D. Vassalotti that he put out Book of Ghosts in 2011, an album that would surely have made my year end favourites list had I heard it then. ‘Death Will One Day Rob Us All’ best exemplifies the record’s lo-fi, post-punk aesthetic, and with its ridiculously catchy riff and breathy vocals, brings to mind Merchandise’s most recent record, albeit without its melted, shoegazing leanings. Vassalotti finds time to mix it up too, throwing in the ballad-y ‘The Last Days of Hart Crane’ and a couple of lovely acoustic interludes (‘Graves’ and ‘Beatrice’) among the album’s grating bedroom pop. Listen to it already.

D. Vassalotti – Book of Ghosts

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