Tech Out the Dresser 14: 2 dope mixtapes (Juicy J + Lex Luger / Joey Bada$$)

Posted on 17/07/2012


By now most of you have probably heard of 17-year-old Joey Bada$$ and his crew, Pro (for progressive) Era, a pretty deep group of rappers/producers/artists/whatever. Anyway, they’re super young and super good. Joey B generally steals the show over a slew of boom-bap beats that include tunes from Lord Finesse, DOOM and Knxwledge, although Capital STEEZ and CJ Fly can definitely hold their own alongside what is surely one of the finest lyrical hip-hop performances of 2012.

This is more than worth checking out:

This next tape came out a minute ago but its hype as hell so i’m gonna post it anyway. Juicy J and Lex Luger got together to do a follow up to Rubba Band Business and its called Rubba Band Business 2. Trill shit, trill shit.


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