The Smith Street Band – ‘I Want Friends’

Posted on 13/07/2012


So it’s been far too long, and I owe D, T and the few Sunny Cellars readers who have stuck around a massive apology.  But, as of today, I feel confident saying that i’m back posting on a fairly regular basis.  All the complications with file hosting, and the deleting of all our files outweighed my willingness to post and for that I am deeply apologetic.  After a stern talking to from D, I’ve decided to pull my life together and get back to business.

So as my first post after my lengthy absence, here’s The Smith Street Band’s new track off their upcoming sophmore album ‘Sunshine & Technology’, set to drop August 24th.  Here’s a stream, followed by a DL link (Quality is very eh, sorry about that).

It’s good to be back.

The Smith Street Band – ‘I Want Friends

Download: (Mediafire)

– J –