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Posted on 07/07/2012


So yeah, the stagnation of Sunny Cellars continues. June of 2012 was, since we first started, our first month without a single post to its name :C … This whole blog thing has become quite the strain ever since that Kim Dotcom/Megaupload business went down. Anyway, I can hardly think of a better way to stick it to the man than by continuing my quest to piece together renowned sploogecore band (Ex-) Fag Cop’s history and discography (see here and here for deets).

So check it, if SC reader Blockaded Pussyfooter is to be believed, the posts below make up all of pre – Fag Cop bros the Spread Eagles‘ discography. Exactly how many of its members are now in Fag Cop is unclear to me, but I have since discovered that at least one of them, Kenneth Kupfer, is a chill ass, dumpster – diving illustrator based out of the college town that is Lawrence, Kansas. Seems appropriate right? Musically, the Spread Eagles pretty much left off where Fag Cop picked up, albeit in a somewhat more melodic (!) fashion, as ‘I Wanna Be My Man’ (off the Don’t Be a Drag EP)’s infectious, fuzzy catchiness attests to. Black Lips comparisons are inevitable, and indeed, these guys do have a similarly raw, whiskey-soaked groove to their tunes, though they somehow manage to sound even less held together. Actually, the fact that their songs come so close to veering off into total collapse is exactly what appeals to me about this band. I would tell you to join the club and download this below but, judging from the amount of Odd Future – related views this blog continues to maintain, you probably won’t.

The Spread Eagles – Dark Horse Demo


Download: (Mediafire)

The Spread Eagles – Don’t Talk to the Narc / Up Too High

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The Spread Eagles – Don’t Be a Drag EP

Download: (Mediafire)

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