Tech Out the Dresser 13: JUK∑ TILL U PUK∑ (juke/footwork mix)

Posted on 06/07/2012


I’m not gonna start with any bullshit like “Teklife is the FUTURE of dance music” or anything like that, but I will say that this is some progressive-ass shit that, for some reason, even a lot of Londoners (yeah, now you know where I live) don’t really seem to be hip to. I was expecting the crowd at Koko’s recent Hyperdub showcase to go mental for Spinn & Rashad, but as soon as Kode9 finished his second set of the night the place notably thinned out, leaving a somewhat-hyped if not thinned crowd for Chicago’s footwork heroes. I don’t know whether it was because the audience didn’t know who they were or whether their 160 bpm onslaught was just too much, but I couldn’t help feeling that Spinn & Rashad didn’t have the crowd they deserved.

Anyway, people need to get with the times because this shit is too good. Peep this quickly+poorly done mix.

1. Oneohtrix Point Never – Nassau

2. Kuhn – Back n’ Forth

3. Junior Yakuza – Adolescence

4. DJ Manny – All I Do Is Smoke Trees

5. D’Cruze – Lonely

6. King Krule – Alisha

7. DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad – Space Juke

8. DJ Earl – Enlightenment

9. Oneohtrix Point Never / Naughty By Nature / Notorious BIG – Replica / Feel Me Flow / Who Shot Ya?


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