Tech Out the Dresser 12: Post-exam VIBES / R∂D R∂VE SELECTION to blaze, cruise and shake off them blues 2

Posted on 31/05/2012


I’m done with exams, and that means I don’t give a shit about anything for the moment except chilling, skating, making tunes, watching TV shows and finding a place to live next year. The end of exams also heralds the start of official laid-back party time, and DUH, you need fat ass tunes for that. But don’t worry, we’re keeping it chill — there’s a mix of bangers, songs to rekindle your relationship with sunshine to and obviously songs to straight up vibe to on the yacht.

Anyway, this playlist is for those of you out there in the same situation as me right now. We’re keeping it in the realm of hip-hop/funk/soul/garage/dancey shit just cause this is TOtD and that’s what we do. The first half is for your daytime vibing, the second for your late night jammin. Sick!!

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