Graf Orlock – ‘Los Angeles’ EP

Posted on 15/04/2012


One of my main beefs with so-called “extreme” metal is the fact that so many of such bands seem to lack anything resembling even a minute sense of humour, a fact which I think has contributed to a significant change in my listening habits. It’s not that I insist on listening to strictly “positive” music (far from it), but there comes a point where all that growling about death and destruction and whatnot starts to become mind-numbingly monotonous. It’s for this reason that bands like Graf Orlock are truly a breath of fresh air, playing mercilessly heavy grindcore with tongues placed firmly in cheek. Self-described as “cinemagrind”, their new Los Angeles EP was something I’d been looking forward to for a while, and, after my first listen, I can definitively say that it is indeed rad as balls and totally worth your time. I got psyched for this after hearing the relatively epic, four-minute song ‘Quick on the Trigger’, which builds relentlessly before collapsing into a wall of feedback and gunfire, a fitting climax to an awesome release; and the other three tracks on the EP are similarly dopacious. This was exactly what I needed, now you need to go listen for yourself.

Graf Orlock – Los Angeles EP

Download: (Mediafire)

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