Japanese Wallpaper – ‘War Peace Rocket Ships’

Posted on 11/03/2012


 Japanese Wallpaper‘s War Peace Rocket Ships is definitely one of the more intriguing submissions we’ve gotten here at Sunny Cellars, produced by a 14-year old Australian kid “in various beds across three continents in the first half of 2011”. The results, in the form of three odd ambient pieces, are surprisingly enjoyable, particularly ‘War’, a sparse, hypnotic four minutes of airy, subtly building synths. Also included alongside the aforementioned three songs is a fairly rad remix of ‘War’, by a producer under the name of Decktonic, turning the track into an almost danceable four minutes of minimalistic techno. Inspired by Boards of Canada and The Postal Service, I’m intrigued as to what this kid will do next. Definitely worth your time.

Japanese Wallpaper – War Peace Rocket Ships

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