Narrows – ‘Painted’

Posted on 29/02/2012


Hellz yeah bros, Narrows‘ new record, Painted, totally came out today, and from what I’ve gathered from my first listen (which, as I write, is still ongoing), the album fucking RIPS, and totally lives up to its placement on my prestigious ‘albums I’m psyched for‘ list. Heavy, angular riffs, anguished vocals and tight production holding it all together… I haven’t even finished the album yet and it’s already destroying me. ‘Absolute Betrayer’ got me pretty damn stoked and from the sound of it so far, that was totally justified; I suggest you check this out if you have even a mild interest in heavy tunes. I’ve been posting erratically of late, to say the least, so hopefully this beast of an album makes up for that. Also, still no word on when J will return, so uuuh, I guess you’ll have to live with me for a lil’ longer.

Narrows – Painted

Download: (Mediafire)

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