Elvis Depressedly – ‘The Glamour Kills EP’

Posted on 22/02/2012


Woo, Mat Cothran, prolific as he is, is back with another Elvis Depressedly EP! I’ve raved about him enough already (here, here and here) so if you read this blog and have yet to check out his tunes, I doubt you ever will. This release, The Glamour Kills EP, features two songs that we had yet to hear, ‘Daughter of a Cop’ and ‘A Bible in a Bath of Bleach’, and both are sparse, synth-heavy and extremely pretty pieces apparently recorded “in a laundry room on broken equipment”. They’re pretty great. The third track, ‘Crazier With You’, was featured on last year’s Disgraceland EP and blah blah blah I ❤ Mat Cothran. Just download this, I’m running out of things to say about the guy.

Elvis Depressedly – The Glamour Kills EP


Download: (Mediafire)

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