Five Albums I’m Psyched For in 2012

Posted on 15/02/2012


So 2012 is in full swing, and I know I probably should’ve posted this before New Year’s, but better late than never I suppose. We’ve already seen extremely rad releases from Walls, Shlohmo, Pyramids + Horseback, Burial, Porcelain Raft, Alcest and more, but these albums are the ones I expect to kick my mind all up in the ass with their dopaciousness in the rest of the year. Hopefully we’ll be able to post them as soon as possible for your own listening pleasure!

Also, if you follow this blog regularly (and you really should), you’ll probably have noticed that it’s been a while sinceposted anything… Unfortunately for y’all, he’s recently moved to Australia and things are real hectic, what with moving in, organising life, etc., so he’ll most likely resume posting sometime next week. Now, without further ado:

Narrows – Painted

Of all the post-Botch bands, Narrows are by far the best; 2009’s New Distances more than lived up to that band’s seminal as fuck work, an intricate, heavy and pretty much tremendous album that set the bar extremely high. But judging from first single ‘Absolute Betrayer’ (listen here), it sounds like the band have absolutely no problem living up to such standards, the song is, as far as I’m concerned, on par with anything on We Are the Romans (no hate plz!) and I can’t wait to hear this.

Release Date: February 28th

The Men – Open Your Heart

Inexplicably, I failed to listen to last year’s fantastic Leave Home until after the year was done, silly me. Had I heard it earlier, the record would undoubtedly have made it onto my best of ’11 list, but alas. The first indication of what Open Your Heart will sound like came in the form of the title track (which you can listen to here), and from the sound of it, The Men are moving away from the snarling, Pissed Jeans-y punk that characterised much of Leave Home, in favour of a more melodic but no less enjoyable direction. Regardless, whatever it sounds like, I’ve learned from my mistake and I’ll be listening to this as soon as I can, and you should too.

Release Date: March 6th

 Municipal Waste – The Fatal Feast

2012 sees the return of the mighty Municipal Waste in the form of The Fatal Feast, and despite the all-round mediocrity of Massive Aggressive, their last full-length, the ridiculous, super gonzo album art above was all I needed to be reminded of just how fun this band is/was. I’m praying for a return of The Art of Partying‘s over the top, no fucks given vibe; hopefully these guys can make crossover something resembling cool again. Yeah, thrash revival is like the least relevant “scene” in existence but does it look like I care?

Release Date: April 10th

Torche – Harmonicraft

 I love everything sludge-pop progenitors Torche have released and if new track ‘Kicking’ (download here) is any indication, Harmonicraft won’t be any different. That song has already gotten my panties in a total twist, so I expect some serious soaring vocals, doom-y bubblegum goodness and HOOKS from the album. Their last full-length, Meanderthal, is, and this is an objective truth, one of the best albums ever made, so my expectations are sky high. Anyone who isn’t excited for this needs to re-evaluate their life or, well, kill themselves.

Release Date: April 24th

Coma Cinema – School Shootings

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Mat Cothran (pictured above wearing a Daughters shirt, which makes him even more awesome) and his related projects, so my excitement was pretty darned palpable when he announced he’d be releasing a new Coma Cinema record, entitled, kinda typically, School Shootings, this year. 2011’s Blue Suicide was pretty effing great, as was his work as Elvis Depressedly, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for similarly excellent stuff. He seems to be getting his life back on track, so who knows, as unlikely as it is, maybe his new stuff will be a lil’ less dismal and bleak.

Release Date: May 22nd

Also Stoked For New Releases From:

Wild Nothing, Gang Colours, Napalm Death, War, Ceremony, Xiu Xiu, OFWGKTA, Unsane, The Mars Volta, Pelican, 0OoOO, Boddika & Joy O and more…

Currently in the Works:

Made Out of Babies, Neurosis, High On Fire, DoomStarks, PIG DESTROYER, Baroness, Converge, Down and (hopefully) a lot more.

– D –

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