Burial – ‘Kindred’ EP

Posted on 13/02/2012


I wasn’t even aware that legendary, ever-mysterious UK producer Burial had a new EP out until yesterday, incidentally the same day of its release. But lordy lord is Kindred ever good, from the moment the title track’s warped 2-step beat kicks in, right until the end. The three tracks have a combined running time of half an hour, though it feels much, much shorter, testament to just how rad these songs are… ‘Loner’ already ranks as one of my favourite Burial tracks, an incredible seven minutes of dark, warped garage. Yeah, so describing this is difficult, but if you thought last year’s Street Halo EP was excellent, wait till you hear this; Kindred extends an amazing run of form from a (rightfully) influential and much-lauded artist. Download as soon as you can.

Burial – Kindred EP

Download: (Mediafire)

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