Ceremony – ‘Hysteria’ 7″

Posted on 09/02/2012


When Ceremony put out Rohnert Park in 2010, it became abundantly clear that the band had ambition beyond what hardcore could offer them, and it polarised the shit out of fans of their earlier stuff. Yep, musical development, you can hardly expect less from a bunch of punks who love pg.99, Tragedy, Joy Division and Tom Waits equally (for realz). Now, if ‘Hysteria’, the first single from their upcoming full-length Zoo, is anything to go by, Ceremony have come a long, long way from the grinding, white-knuckled fury of Violence Violence, if it wasn’t already apparent. While that’s beyond debate, I’m still kind of unsure of what I think of the aforementioned song… it starts promisingly enough, with a tense build up and all that, but soon descends into a mid-paced, three chord stomp with little direction at all. And then there’s the vocals, with Ross Farrar replacing his normally tortured, rage-fueled bark with what I suppose could be judged as an “anthemic” singing voice (as he did significantly more effectively on select Rohnert Park tracks). Yeah, it all comes off as a little forced and I’m still short of a definitive opinion on it. One thing’s for sure though: this song is miles removed from being “an absolute motherfucking monster” as described by certain overzealous indie rock critics. But for now, I guess I’ll postpone full judgement for when Zoo drops in March. Oh, and the B-side to this single is a pretty righteous cover of late-70’s punks the Urinals‘ ‘I’m a Bug’. Yeah.

Ceremony – Hysteria/I’m a Bug Single

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