Pyramids + Horseback – ‘A Throne Without a King’

Posted on 06/02/2012


Yay, we’re back! We have no idea how long we’ll last this time, seeing as every filesharing site on the internet has been wetting itself since Megaupload got taken down, but we’re gonna go ahead and attempt to re-upload as much stuff as possible and keep up the blogging. The files will inevitably be taken down again, so enjoy it while you can.

Anyway, back to biz: I’ve been waiting to hear this, a collaboration AND split between enigmatic Texan noisegazers Pyramids and one-man blackened drone band Horseback for a loooong time now, and it sure doesn’t disappoint. Both bands supplied an original track, with Horseback’s ‘Thee Cult of Henry Flynt’ being as “straight forward” a piece as you’ll hear from him, kicking off with a blast of surprisingly polished black metal, before its eventual dissolution into a more recognisable, fuzz-heavy swirl of psychedelia and harsh vocals. Pyramids’ contribution, ‘Phaedra’s Love’, picks up where their self-titled 2008 record left off, building on its shimmering, somewhat disconcerting foundations… it’s among their best songs. As for their collaborative work, it’s, well, a a lot to take in, consisting of a title track in the form of a four part, 45 minute epic that ebbs and flows between ethereal beauty and pure, discordant noise. It’s on the second part where things really start to take form, building slowly from an analog crackle to an unsettling blend of angelic vocals, organs and noise, like Merzbow going shoegaze. A Throne Without a King is a strange record and definitely not for everyone, but well worth the wait. Anyway, celebrate the return of Sunny Cellars by downloading this below!

Pyramids  + Horseback  – A Throne Without a King

Download: (Mediafire)

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