ANNOUNCEMENT: Everything is Gone

Posted on 24/01/2012


Yep, Mediafire went ahead and deleted every single file we’ve ever uploaded… I assume they had one complaint too many or something. So yeah, if you try to access one of our Mediafire links, all you’re going to get is the dreaded “Invalid or Deleted File” page. In case you somehow haven’t already realised this, what we here at Sunny Cellars do is completely illegal, and this is what happens when you FUCK THE SYSTEM like we do. This is kind of a huge problem and we’ll most likely be offline for a bit while we attempt to sort this out and decide where we go from here. If any one of you, our vast horde of readers, has a suggestion, please feel free to share it. Sorry for any inconvenience y’all, we’ll return as soon as possible.

– SC-

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