Walls – ‘Into Our Midst’ (Single)

Posted on 21/01/2012


I’ve got exams coming up next week so, unfortunately, I’ve had a fair bit of studying to do. My learning process is rarely helped by a bunch of noisy dudes shouting over distorted guitars and such, so instead I’ve turned to UK-based ambient duo Walls to soundtrack the lame amount of work I have. How convenient it is, then, that they put out a new single, Into Our Midst, this week. All three tracks are understated, pretty pieces of downtempo ambience, with ‘Idle Sway (Original Mix)’ touching on a strangely eerie, though far from discomforting, vein. The other two songs consist of different versions of the title track, and it’s ‘Into Our Midst (Reprise)’ that caught my ear initially when I heard it earlier this week; a driving, pulsating seven minutes of electronic bliss. Download and study hard.

Walls – Into Our Midst (Single)

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