Surrender – ‘One Day’

Posted on 18/01/2012


I’m sorta catching up with all the submissions as of late, and sorting through them so far has been absolutely fantastic, given that i’ve found some incredibly radical stuff.  My latest find is Australia’s Surrender.  Playing a blend of melodic hardcore and punk, this shit makes me want to throw down, even though i’ve never been in a fight in my life.   Reminds me a little more of a more musically technical Terror (and that is no criticism of them), and given how much hardcore seems to be homogeneous these days, this pleasantly stands out to me.  The guitars have an almost metal influence to them which I dig a lot, despite not really being interested in metal since year 10.  I’m pretty sure it’s the combination of all these different styles which makes this shit rule, and rule hard it does.  Downloads below, as usual:

Here’s the youtube video rule was talking about in the comments.  It is, as stated, the best video ever:


Surrender – ‘One Day

Download: (Mediafire)

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