Nemesis – ‘Dou-Koku’

Posted on 17/01/2012


Japan has a ton of awesome bands (Envy? Melt-Banana? Boris?) and it just got significantly more radical with the emergence of the teenage maniacs that make up Nemesis, whose four track Dou-Koku EP WILL destroy you. This came out last year and I reaaaally wish I’d picked up on it then, because this shit kills. Blistering, balls to the wall hardcore punk with twisted, rrrraaging vokillz, ridiculously fast drumming and hypereffective riffs channeling 80’s legends like MDC and, duh, Black Flag… and what more could you expect with songs called ‘Fight in the World’ and ‘Chaotic War’? I have no idea what the other track titles, ‘Seizonsha’ and ‘Mirai’ translate to, but if my instincts are right they can’t mean anything other than ‘FUCK’ and ‘YEAH’ respectively. Quality stuff.

Nemesis – Dou-Koku EP

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