Hectic Zeniths – ‘Hectic Zeniths’

Posted on 16/01/2012


Today I present to you another submission whose posting is long overdue.  Hectic Zeniths is an ambient, instrumental Hip-Hop project by bedroom producer Adam Morgan Prince.  The album is a haunting collection of piano compositions, altered brilliantly with layered synths, live instruments and meticulously placed samples.  Let me tell you, the combination is magical.  Reminds me a lot of Blue Sky Black Death, and that is of a course a massive compliment.  The new album, which came out earlier this month, is definitely a must listen for fans of this sort of genre, or anyone with an appreciation for clever music.  All the links are available below.  The artist has requested for no mediafire link to be available, but the album is available for free through alternative sources.  I’ve also included the bandcamp stream, which should motivate you to make the effort to download this:

Hectic Zeniths – ‘Hectic Zeniths

Download: (Bandcamp) (KitchenDip)

Note: The KitchenDip download comes with 3 unreleased tracks! However, you need to join the site to be able to download.  Joining is quick and easy, but for those too lazy, the bandcamp download is ‘name your price’.

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