At the Drive-In – ‘Vaya’ EP

Posted on 16/01/2012


So naturally, everyone’s been getting their panties in a twist this week over At the Drive-In reuniting, and I have to say I’m pretty darn stoked myself; there was a certain point where I, like every cool person, was pretty much obsessed with Relationship of Command and it still stands as one of my favourite albums, like, ever. Posting it would be incredibly redundant however, so for those of you who haven’t listened to this band or haven’t heard anything beyond Relationship, here’s their Vaya EP. Released in 1999, a year before RoC, it has tracks that live up to the undeniable radness of that record; ‘Rascuache’ and ‘Heliotrope’ are two of my favourite ATDR songs, cryptic and surreal in their unique brand of post-hardcore, exactly what you want from this band. So instead of reading another 1000 word article on how “visionary and distinct” they were and all that, I suggest you get on this EP now.

At the Drive-In – Vaya


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