The Guru – ‘Native Sun’

Posted on 15/01/2012


This isn’t new, but I was sent this a couple of weeks back and it’s a shame i’ve slept on these guys so long.  I first heard these dudes on the topshelf records mix, but for some reason never bothered to explore their music further than there.  Thankfully, they have pro-active band members.  For those who don’t know them, The Guru play summer-y (not sure if you can describe a sound like this, but I feel like i’m sitting in my backyard out in the sun when I listen to this album), rock tunes with jangly guitars and a mixture of clean and rough vocals.  It’s quite an easy listen, and I find myself coming back to it when i’m in the mood for something uplifting and nostalgic (It brings me back to my childhood for reasons I can’t explain). Check it, yo:

Note: While I was checking out reviews of this album on the web, I stumbled upon a review on this site called ‘The Fretboard Journal’ by this dude called Caleb Thomas.  I just thought it was my duty to say two things.  Firstly, the review is bull shit.  Secondly, the reviewer is an asshole.  The stream of comments on the review pretty much reiterate what I just said.

The Guru – ‘Native Sun

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