Skin Like Iron/Nails – Split EP

Posted on 12/01/2012


I’ve been waiting for the internet to unveil this pretty much ever since its existence was announced, and here it is: Nails‘ split with like-minded Californian bruisers Skin Like Iron. As far as I’m concerned, Todd Jones, the mastermind behind Nails, is the best hardcore songwriter of this generation. The guy is responsible for Obscene Humanity AND Unsilent Death, two of my personal favourites of the last decade, regardless of genre, and that’s not to mention his work with Carry On and Terror. As for Skin Like Iron, the band put out one of 2011’s most highly rated “heavy” releases in the form of their Arrival LP, which I have, for some reason, not listened to. I’ll be changing that soon on the strength of their contribution to this split, with both tracks, ‘Disappear’ and ‘The Parade’ providing melodic, old-school-inflected and thoroughly enjoyable punk thrills. But despite how rad the SKI side is, my focus was always gonna be on the Nails side of this EP. Unsurprisingly, they’ve pretty much picked up where they left off, in the form of pure, uncompromising, crushing brutality, with ‘Cry Wolf’ providing a grinding assault similar to Unsilent Death cuts ‘Traitor’ and ‘Your God’ in its 24 second glory, while ‘Annihilation’ lives up to its name. It’s a near perfect blast of crusty, tempo-shifting fury, almost verging on thrash at times… the band even finds time to slow down towards the end. So yeah, it may be early in the year, but when it comes to hardcore, few bands will be able to compete with this in 2012. I suggest you listen to this sooner rather than later.

Thanks to Spartannnn for hooking us up with this!

Skin Like Iron/Nails – Split EP

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