Napalm Death – ‘Leper Colony’

Posted on 10/01/2012


Well, we’re ten days into January so I suppose it’s about time for my inaugural post of the year… and here we go. It’s been a while since Barney Greenway had hair like in the pic above, but we’re somehow STILL getting new material from the one and only Napalm Death, the esteemed, original progenitors of grindcore. That material comes in the form of a new track, ‘Leper Colony’, our first taster of what their latest (fifteenth!) record, entitled Utilitarian, will be like.  The band has come a looong way since Scum, but this track shows no sign of them wanting to slow down at all. I suppose the quality of this track is only testament to their longevity, showing only relentlessness where some bands would long ago have stagnated. What the band plays these days is a lot closer to Carcass-esque, thrash-infused death metal, but there’s enough blast beats and shrieking in the track’s three minutes to satisfy anyone into “extreme” music. That’s right, Napalm Death isn’t just some band they made up on Skins! Download ‘Leper Colony’ below.

Napalm Death – ‘Leper Colony’

Download: (Mediafire)

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