Pygmy Lush/Turboslut – Split LP

Posted on 09/12/2011


I’m really not a fan of Pg.99, and the same can be said for a host of other so-called “seminal” screamo bands (see Saetia, Chokehold, Jeromes Dream, etc.), so you can imagine my skepticism when it turned out that, after the band broke up, some of its members formed Pygmy Lush: a band alternating between skramz jamz and acoustic folk, an idea as ambitious as it is ill-advised. Combine this with a ridiculous amount of “meaningful” and “sincere” concert pics like the one above, and, well, there just doesn’t seem to be much reason to listen to them. I honestly can’t remember why I did so in the first place but, damn son, I’m glad I did because this release, their 2009 split full-length with grungy DC riot grrrls Turboslut, is quality stuff. I actually prefer the acoustic material to the heavy shit, ‘Proud King of the Doomed’ and ‘It’s a Good Day to Hide’ are unexpectedly excellent, melancholy tunes that won’t worry your family. That’s not to say these guys can’t still get screamotional, from the chaotic powerviolence of ‘Rut Gluttony’ to ‘White Oblivion”s tasty hardcore licks. I’m rarely a fan of punk bands with female vocalists and Turboslut is no different, but even I can get down with the somewhat contradictorily-titled sludge of ‘Speed’, so there’s that too. Check it below, yo.

On another note, get PSYCHED cuz we’re posting our best of 2011 lists tomorrow (that’s the 10th), y’all.

Pygmy Lush/Turboslut – Split LP

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