The Comas – ‘Spells’

Posted on 07/12/2011


New York’s The Comas never really lived up to expectations despite producing three albums of stellar indie pop before putting out 2007’s Spells. The fact that so few people picked up on these guys after that album is a damned shame, the tunes on this thing are worthy of SO much more attention… This album was my jam for like the whole of the summer of ’08 after I stumbled upon it completely by accident while on Vagrant Records’ site (they’ve since been dropped), and for good reason. ‘Red Microphones’ is nothing short of a perfect indie pop tune, ‘Light the Pad’ and ‘Stoneded’ channel the best of Superchunk and Pavement via The Magnetic Fields, and if you don’t have ‘Come My Sunshine’ stuck in your head almost immediately then there’s something seriously wrong with your ears. As far as I know, the band is on hold and some of its members have since formed the Electric Owls. Lame. Oh well, bring some justice to the world and listen to The Comas now.

The Comas – Spells

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