Mozart Parties – ‘Memory Thunderstorm’ EP

Posted on 03/12/2011


I only discovered this band yesterday, but I’m already in love with Mozart Parties‘ (aka James Bennett) newly released Memory Thunderstorm EP. The guy takes a sun-soaked, poppy approach to shoegaze that should appeal to fans of Youth Lagoon or Whirr, and I already know I’ll be playing the hazy, mesmerising dream pop of ‘Where Has Everybody Gone?’ on the way to my lecture in, like, a half hour. Also included in the release is a typically great Elite Gymnastics remix of said track, somehow making the song even more downtempo, while Memory Thunderstorm‘s title track is a particularly lovely, with its lush, emotional four minutes allowing for an infectiously catchy refrain. Bennett showcases slightly more ambient tendencies with ‘On Different Pages’, serving as an atmospheric, droning opener to the EP. Should he be able to maintain this quality on, say, a full-length next year, then I think we could be dealing with something truly special, because this release is definitely on the way.

Mozart Parties – Memory Thunderstorm EP

Download: (Mediafire)

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