Tech Out the Dresser 09: Tha Grimm Teachaz – ‘There’s a Situation On the Homefront’

Posted on 02/12/2011


Tha Grimm Teachaz were an awesomely named blast of rawness, formed in 1991 and, from everything I can find out about them, done by 1993/1994. They were Fresh Greg, DJ Koufi, the PMDF and KDz, and they were ill. Again, its hard to overstate how incredibly raw this is – particularly rough but funky is standout track “I Getz” with its absurdly sinister but groovy bassline – but still fresh sounding. This has definitely got an ahead-of-its-time thing going on. Check out the video for “I Getz” here, complete with censored blunts and guns and moustache action:

…And download the debut album, “There’s a Situation on the Homefront” here:

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