Earl Sweatshirt – Unreleased Tracks

Posted on 29/11/2011


So after Tyler, The Creator pulled his totally hilarious ‘Earl’s back’ prank last week, there was more than a little excitement about the impending return of Odd Future’s most talented MC. As any OF fan will have realised, Earl Sweatshirt‘s skills are waaay beyond his years, and the kid holds a ridiculous amount of potential. I’m definitely not the only one curious as to what he’ll do upon his return from Samoa (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then I don’t know why you’re on this blog) , and I can’t wait till he does. To help kill a little time and give y’all something fresh if you’re sick of playing Earl, I’ve compiled some of his early and/or unreleased tracks from over the years and put them in a handy zip file. Some of these (‘Fuck Your Compression’ and the phenomenal ‘Dat Ass’) are pre-OF, from way back when he rapped as Sly Tendencies. If you didn’t know, he was working on a mixtape named Kitchen Cutlery, which, unfortunately, never saw the light of day. Each of these tracks has Earl in typically impressive form, whether rapping over a classic DOOM beat on ‘Deerskin’, a warped sample of A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Electric Relaxation’ on ‘Mezmorized’, or a totally dope Weird Eye beat, on ‘Molliwopped’ and ‘Brand New’ (alternatively entitled ‘I’ll Fuck U Up, Bitch’). I’m extremely curious as to who produced ‘Untitled (Rick James)’ too, because I’m loving that beat. Buy your trendy ‘Free Earl’ shirts fast, it won’t be long before he’s out… I’m hoping.

Earl Sweatshirt – Unreleased Tracks

Edit: I’ve added three more recently released, early Earl tracks: ‘Sly x Stones Throw’, ‘WattStax’ and ‘Rebellious Shit’.


1. Dat Ass

2. Fuck Your Compression [ft. Gruzen]

3. Molliwopped [Prod. Weird Eye]

4. Brand New [Prod. Weird Eye]

5. Deerskin

6. Mezmorized [ft. Mylo]

7. Untitled (Rick James)

8. Sly x Stones Throw

9. WattStax [Prod. Weird Eye]

10. Rebellious Shit [Prod. Vision]

Download: (Mediafire)

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