Blue Sky Black Death – ‘Late Night Cinema’

Posted on 28/11/2011


This is the best instrumental hip-hop I have ever heard.  Not that I have listened to all that much, but the production on this album is incredible.  I actually found this while chilling on TurnTableFM (sweet website if you haven’t checked it out) and it has quickly become a favourite of mine over the past few weeks.  Every track on this album is sweet as, ‘The Era When We Sang’ probably being my top pick, the sampling is out of this world, but everything is amazing and it’s deifnitely hard to pick a top 3 tracks.  They’ve also done a lot of collab efforts I believe, which I will eventually get on.  And so will you after you listen to this:

Blue Sky Black Death – ‘Late Night Cinema

Download: (Mediafire)

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