Burning Love – ‘Don’t Ever Change’ 7″

Posted on 22/11/2011


I checked Burning Love out on a whim some time ago and I’m extremely glad I did: this, their Don’t Ever Change 7″ pretty much rules. This particular release, which came out last year, features two blistering, fun as hell cuts of no-nonsense hardcore, exactly what the doctor ordered. Bullshit-free and without pretense, I particularly like the eponymous A-side, three minutes of groovy-ass, stonery punk, complete with, a guitar solo (gasp!) reminiscent of Cali OGs Annihilation Time. The second track, ‘Jack the Ripper’, is an honest to God blues rager, albeit one with throat-shreddingly intense vocals and a distinctly crusty edge. There’s really not much more to say. Take seven minutes out of your day to listen to this.

Burning Love – Don’t Ever Change 7″

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