Kid Kilowatt – ‘Guitar Method’

Posted on 20/11/2011


I don’t understand how this band is as unknown as it is.  They were originally called ‘Ester Of Wood Rosin’, and released some demos under this name I believe (which i will try and find ASAP), and they were actually formed ‘during a low point in Cave In’, according to their LastFM (members included Adam McGrath AND Stephen Brodsky of Cave In).  If that wasn’t enough to get you interested, when some dude called Aaron left the band, Kurt Ballou of Converge took his place!  This marked their name change to Kid Kilowatt, resulting in a bunch of shows and this radical album, before soon dissolving due to obvious musical commitments.  I don’t hear any of the said bands influences on the music all that much, but the music is awesome.  It has a very 1990’s indie rock-ish feel, with a bit of post-hardcore and punk on the top.  At least for curiosity’s sake, get on this:

Also, my exams are over and my proxy is fixed, so this posts marks my, hopefully, consistent return to blogging.  If you didn’t just squeal in delight, fuck you.

Kid Kilowatt – ‘Guitar Method

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