Tech Out the Dresser 08: New Khalif Da Menace, Dreams – ‘Feelings 4 U’

Posted on 16/11/2011


Khalif Da Menace, southern rapper out of Warner Robins, GA (and man behind one of my favourite releases of the year in “JUNIOR – the Legend of 8Ball”) just dropped a new track, “No Lights In the Woods”, featuring CB. As its title suggests, “No Lights” is a pretty dark track, built around sinister organ stabs with soulful crooning and blues guitar adding a little southern flavour to the mix. Khalif, as usual, goes hard.

Next up is something completely different, but definitely worth a listen. It might not really be hip-hop. It might even be chillwave according to some people out there. I’d say the rather blandly named Dreams’s work falls somewhere between blissed out instrumental hip-hop and the disco-y “80’s //// Funk Revival” his soundcloud claims. Whatever it is, it’s quite good a good set of beats to vibe to.

Check it out here:

And yes, I do realise I’ve posted a total of one straight up rap song in the past couple posts, but I promise next week I’ll hit you with some hippa to da hoppa, word to ODB (RIP 7 years on).