Code Orange Kids – Discography

Posted on 16/11/2011


Despite their somewhat unfortunate name, I consider Philadelphia-based young’uns Code Orange Kids to be one of the most promising bands I’ve heard this year, playing with chops and ferocity beyond their years. These kids create ruthless, savage hardcore that I find difficult to compare to other bands, something which rarely happens when it comes to this genre. Their stuff ranges from blasts of relentless, pummeling hardcore to crushing, doomy riffery, with their songs rarely breaking the two minute mark, and while their discography is, as of yet, quite limited, I foresee big things in Code Orange Kids’ future. The band released an EP, Cycles, a few days earlier and it’s ridiculously impressive; each track is fucking KILLER, as is the material on their demo and an earlier EP, Embrace Me // Erase Me. A lot of the band’s strength is centered around frontman Jami’s truly savage vocals, which range from caustic to near-inhuman, scary considering he’s no older than 18 right now. Anyway, I’ve posted all their material available thus far below, and I’m psyched to hear what they can come up with next. The band’s members are in their final year of high school, but I’m hoping they’ll forsake the potential furthering of their education in favour of recording a full length or something for 2012…

Code Orange Kids – Demo 2010

Download: (Mediafire)

Code Orange Kids – Embrace Me // Erase Me

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Code Orange Kids – Cycles

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