Torche/Part Chimp – Split EP

Posted on 14/11/2011


Torche are undoubtedly one of my favourite bands; any release of theirs is enough to get my panties in a twist, so I was pretty psyched to hear about their split with likeminded UK noise rock lads Part Chimp. I’ve got to say I was a little disappointed when it turned out that Torche would be eschewing new material in favour of including three Guided By Voices covers (‘Exit Flagger’, ‘Unleashed! The Large Hearted Boy’ and ‘Postal Blowfish’), but when it comes to this band I’ll gladly take what I can get. Their cover of ‘Exit Flagger’, which we posted a while back, is particularly awesome, doomy and poppy, exactly how I like ’em. Part Chimp contributed to original tracks, ‘Dr. Horse’ and ‘The Watcher’, and both are pretty rad too, with both songs taking a surprisingly sludgy direction. I can’t say I’m loving the vocals, but it all works out in the end. Anyway, let’s hope for a new Torche album in 2012, k?

Torche/Part Chimp – Split

Download: (Mediafire)

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