Elvis Depressedly – ‘Disgraceland’

Posted on 10/11/2011


Musically, 2011 is turning out to be a pretty great year for Mat Cothran, though from what I’ve gathered that’s one of the few positive aspects to his life as he sees it. Regardless, he’s already put out two fantastic releases in the form of Blue Suicide, as Coma Cinema, and Goner as Elvis Depressedly. The guy is ridiculously productive (a fact which in no way affects the quality of his tunes), and he’s just put out another EP, Disgraceland, under the latter moniker. Its three songs make up an all too short six minutes of running time or so, but I suppose it’s enough to tide us over until his next release, which, inevitably, won’t take too much time to materialise. All three tracks are exactly what I would have demanded; perfectly written, depressive pop tunes and relentlessly catchy odes to self-abuse… ‘Crazier With You’ is even oddly touching and sweet. Apparently, this is to be his final work as Elvis Depressedly, and seeing as the future of Coma Cinema is in doubt (there may or may not be a new LP in the future), I’m wondering where he’ll go from here, but I have no doubt it’ll be nothing short of great.

Anyway, for an indicator of Cothran’s mindstate while writing these tunes, I’ll leave you with this:

My life is a mess, and so is everyone else’s. We’re are heading for the end. Whether it be Christ who comes back to smite us or just the passing of time we will all see our undoing soon enough. I’ve been in the hospital. I’ve been cracking up for a while now.

Enjoy Disgraceland below 🙂

Elvis Depressedly – Disgraceland

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