Park Jefferson – ‘Weekdays’ EP

Posted on 08/11/2011


I have been sitting on this gem for a few days, not sure whether this late post is due to forgetfulness caused by stress, or my inherent laziness, but apologies to everyone.  Anyway, Park Jefferson are back with their newest  release in the form of an EP.  Angsty, emotional and all that shit that other emotional shit that comes with PJ is apparent, having said that though I sort of miss the lesser quality recordings of their old demos and stuff.  I don’t know why, but I liked how it sounded sort of garage-y (and it was probably recorded in a garage/basement anyway).  ‘Couches’ is the only track i’m not feeling so much.  The vocals just don’t work for me, although it has a definite Jimmy Eat World feel (middle school nostalgia). Still, I love these guys and so will you.  Checkz:

Park Jefferson – ‘Weekdays’ EP

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