Airliner – ‘None’

Posted on 08/11/2011


So I don’t think I’ve told the internet this yet, but I have exams coming up in the next week and a bit.  With the little amount of study I do, I need it to be effective, and as much as I love the music I listen to I can’t work to it.  As a result of this, in the past month I’ve been discovering a lot of ambient electronic music.  For me, it’s perfect for revision and shit.  Anyway, this is Airliner, a little known pseudonym of this dude Seth Haley (better known as Com Cruise, Sarin Sunday and Systm).  He seems to go under a lot of different names, and out of all the stuff I’ve heard so far, Airliner is my favourite.  LastFM describes his music as “Electronic / Electro / Slow-motion funk / Synthwave / New Wave / Tape music”, but to me this kinda shit is pretty well summed up under ‘ambient electronic’.  Whatever you decided to categorize it, this is cool.  Dreamy soundscapes, with a nifty use of sampling and catchy synth melodies.  Enjoy:

Airliner – ‘None’

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