Fag Cop – ‘Whimpers From the Pantheon’ Side A

Posted on 06/11/2011


As I mentioned when we posted (almost all of) jizzwave/shitgaze legends Fag Cop‘s discography, the band was planning on releasing an LP, Whimpers From the Pantheon in 2011. Although Side A of that very full-length has been available for listening for while, it was only in the form of one track, with all five of the songs being put together one after the other. Well rejoice, bros, because I’m posting those tracks in a conveniently separated form. Unfortunately, the second side doesn’t seem to be available, but once it is, you can be sure we’ll post it. I actually attempted to order the tape because I NEED to hear the whole thing, but there doesn’t seem to be any way of doing this. The label Whimpers was released on, Rank Toy Records, has a disastrously unorganised ‘website’ (i.e. a Tumblr page) which doesn’t help either, so I’ll have to live with Side A for a while. This shouldn’t be too big of a problem, all five of the tracks are typically noisy and scuzzy and rad… the song ‘Nailed It to the Cross’ has been stuck in my head for the better part of a day and it’s straddling the line between awesome and agonising, exactly the way I ❤ Fag Cop. Get on this shit!

Fag Cop – Whimpers From the Pantheon Side A

Download: (Mediafire)

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