Breadwinner – ‘Supplementary Cig’ 7″ + ‘Yard’

Posted on 05/11/2011


So little is known about Richmond, Virginia’s Breadwinner that I’ve been forced to use a picture of one of their singles in lieu of a complete lack of any actual band pictures. An obscure 90’s math-rock band with a surprisingly devoted cult following, the band put out a Steve Albini produced (!) full-length, Burner, in 1994, a record which comprised of re-recorded versions of six songs off two earlier seven-inches as well as three newer tracks. Those seven-inches were and are notoriously difficult to track down, so I’m doing you a favour by posting one of them, the Supplementary Cig 7″. Imagine Don Caballero if they were rawer, upped the heaviness and recorded their stuff in an abandoned garage and you get something close to Breadwinner’s off-kilter, polyrhythmic styling. As I said before, Supplementary Cig features earlier versions of three songs included on their full-length, ‘Knighton’, ‘Exploder’ and ‘Turtlehead’, and all three sound, to me at least, waaay ahead of their time. I’m also putting up the song ‘Yard’ for download, an even rarer track included on a Merge Records compilation, also in ’94. The band broke up soon after the release of Burner, so take what you can get, I guess.

Breadwinner – Supplementary Cig 7″

Download: (Mediafire)

Breadwinner – ‘Yard’

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