THEE OH SEES INCIDENT: Sunny Cellars vs. Onethirtybpm

Posted on 04/11/2011


So today we received the following email:

Erik Burg, widely known as the lamest bro on the internet, writes for Onethirtybpm, a terminally mediocre music blog with a disproportionate number of readers. I felt like we should share the exchange we had with this kid, so enjoy.

Realising he couldn’t win against our radness, Burgy went all 2008 on us:

Now all we can do is wait for him to call his mother or something.

Is providing albums for free download wrong? Are we truly ruining people’s livelihood with our blog? Has Erik “Doodiebutt” Burg ever kissed a girl? Decide for yourself, loyal readers. I’d like to mention that we have nothing but love and respect for the music we post, and if people in or related to bands whose music we share ask us to remove a download link, we will (and do), of course, comply. Until then, download away!

– D –

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