Tech Out the Dresser 07: Rn’B Mix 4 Yo Ass

Posted on 02/11/2011


Today marks a historic event in TOtD history; today I’m doing something a little bit different, something a bit like what J and D do with their guest mixtapes (and something that will probably get this post even less views than usual!), except that instead of finding a guest to make a mix for me, I’m making one myself. And it’s going to be all Rn’B, just because I’m in that ol’ mood and I don’t feel like posting rap today. Anyway, the tracklist is below. It’s got a lil’ something for most people, with some of the tracks crossing into uk garage/2-step territory and others leaning towards hip-hop. There are also some classic big tunes that most of ya’ll will know already, but never mind that.

On second though actually, considering the general readership of Sunny Cellars, maybe not. But think of this as a lovingly selected introduction, because i care 4 U. Enjoy.

1. O Shelia – Ready for the World
2. Are You That Somebody – Aaliyah
3. Pony – Ginuwine
4. Let Me Love You Down – INOJ
5. Unfortunate – Trey Songz
6. Usher – Burn (chopped & screwed) – Modine Beatz
7. Set Adrift On Memory Bliss – PM Dawn
8. Way That I Love U – Deadboy
9. Me & U – Cassie
10. Battle – Wookie
11. No Diggity (ft. Dr Dre and Queen Pen) – Blackstreet
12. I Wish – R. Kelly
13. Suicide Dream 1 – How to Dress Well

Download: (Mediafire)


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