DJ JD Sports – Collected Tracks

Posted on 26/10/2011


So check it out: Archy Marshall, AKA King Krule, formerly known as Zoo Kid, has been putting out a bunch of stuff as DJ JD Sports and, in case you hadn’t assumed as such already, it’s rad stuff. We already know the kid has an absurd amount of talent, but it goes beyond the (amazing) material he’s released as King Krule/Zoo Kid; I suppose he uses this moniker as an outlet for his more experimental moods, with the majority of the songs featuring heavy sampling. Most of these tracks highlight surprising UK garage tendencies, (‘Babylons Blues’ and ‘The Octopus’ have DOPE beats that wouldn’t sound out of place on the funkiest of 2-step dancefloors), but a couple, ‘1883’ and ‘Towelaw Demo’, showcase more recognisable kind of stuff, the former a typically melancholy vocals ‘n guitar kinda deal and the latter pretty much being a straight up two minutes of jazzy strumming. More surprising, though, is ‘Watching Over’, wherein Marshall and a friend rap over a downcast, glum beat totally suitable for the gloomy lyrical subject matter; his flow is actually pretty awesome. This kid is just about my age, a fact which continues to depress me. I’d hate him if his tunes weren’t so darned good. Anyway, this compilation should include all the available DJ JD Sports songs so far, you’re welcome y’all.

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DJ JD Sports – Collected Tracks


1. Out Getting Cribs

2. 1883

3. Babylons Blues

4. Being of Life 101

5. The Octopus

6. Pints Theme

7. Smoked

8. Towelaw Demo

9. Watching Over

10. 2002

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